Direct insights in cost savings and performance improvements

Control and visualise safety and compliance.

A dashboard which provides the insights you need for full Asset Performance Management. Data integrity and auditability, combined with extensive management and functional reporting, provide total control of your asset management strategy.

MaxGrip’s strEAM+ (fully embedded in IBM Maximo) comes with dashboards & reports which provide real-time insights straight from your EAM system. Managing Asset Performance has never been easier.


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Learn and see the benefits of the embedded solution for Asset Performance Management Strategies in IBM Maximo.

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Safety Critical Work Orders

Potential Cost Reduction

Quick Insights

Dashboards and reports for plant managers, maintenance managers, maintenance engineers and anyone else who strives for maximum performance of their assets.

strEAM+ dashboards make connections of real-time information to set the right priorities, make the right decisions and strategize for future success. A few examples:

  • Real-time insight into compliance critical assets
  • Potential cost reduction after optimizing your Plant Maintenance
  • Potential cost of non-compliances on safety critical work orders
  • Backlog for critical assets (based on pre-determined business objectives)

User Friendliness

strEAM+ is fully embedded in IBM Maximo and therefor has a familiar user interface that enables users to easily make asset reliability a part of everyday life and meet reliability objectives.


Real-time reliability data allows for well-founded criticality analyzes, efficient prioritisation and direct insight into workflow management.

strEAM+ is the next level in Asset Performance Optimization.
Simple. Smart. Practical.

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