The journey starts with quality data

In a globalising economy with tightening regulation, achieving long-term success requires companies to develop an intimate knowledge of their assets. Long gone are the days when a team of trusted mechanics and operators kept everything running on gut feelings. A complete line of sight is now within reach, and data is taking center stage.

The MaxGrip Asset Libraries represents a big step in the journey to much greater command and usage of the data that determine the strategies to reach your business objectives. The MaxGrip Asset Libraries contain RCM-based equipment failure data and preventive maintenance (PM) templates for almost 5.000 components commonly found in asset-intensive industries.

20 years of industry-specific data:


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10.000 failure causes with failure conditions

20.000 maintenance tasks (PM templates)

20 years and 22.000 man-years of experience

Productivity, safety, quality, compliance, and cost efficiency start with knowing the facts and insight into the real state of affairs. Knowing the criticality of your assets, knowing what deserves priority and what can wait, can be crucial in today’s competitive markets.

Laying the foundations

If high-quality data are the key to successful asset management, you need the means to collect and manage them. Our Asset Libraries allow you to structure, manage and use asset-related data in the most effective manner imaginable. In a highly structured process, data are laying the foundations for your ideal maintenance strategies. Decision-making is greatly simplified by quickly comparing existing strategies to industry libraries, best practices and the state of your assets.

Our Asset Libraries have been derived from 20 years of MaxGrip experience: the complete Asset Library of reliability field data collected in your industry. Combined with Quick RCM, this allows you to set up risk analysis and an effective maintenance strategy in record time. Our clients typically earn back their investment within a year, as our asset libraries speed up deployment time by up to 90%. Your Asset Library can be extended in width and depth by adding your own field data over time.

Asset Libraries

MaxGrip Asset libraries ensure rapid deployment by adding 20 years of failure mode data to complete asset data in EAM.

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