Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

High impact failure investigation and prevention

With our strEAM+ RCA module you can investigate the root cause of high impact incidents and define and execute mitigating actions for preventing future incidents, substantially eliminating the risk of recurrence.

RATIO Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a tried and tested method to identify the causes of failure incidents. It is a five-step method for analysing, solving and preventing problems and incidents. As soon as the root causes have been successfully determined in a structured process, the right prevention or mitigation measures can be implemented. Our RCA solution enables you to thoroughly assess high-impact incidents and make the outcome permanently available to all stakeholders. By integrating the strEAM+ RCA module in your organization you do not only learn from past cases, it also creates transparency and traceability. Which is key in systematically reducing risks.

  • Avoid common pitfalls, which will lead to new insights;
  • Easily manage RCA data and share information between departments
  • Acquire clear reports on potential savings and financial effects of RCA actions
  • Contribute to continuous asset performance improvement
  • Quickly earn back your investment (usually within 12 months)
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