Risk Based Inspection

Optimized inspection strategies

Create optimized inspection strategies for pressurised and non-pressurised equipment with this strEAM Risk Based Inspection module. The software is compliant with the API 580 and EEMUA 159 standards and will allow you to make pro-active decisions instead of solving problems in a reactive way. You will always be one step ahead, as it makes preventability visible, thus giving you full control over your assets.

strEAM+ RBI identifies the unknowns and cumulative risks of ageing equipment.

This smart software solution helps you to make the big step from reactive problem solving to predictive maintenance. There is great value in the potential savings on maintenance and inspection by being one step ahead – all the time. You can even earn back your investment within the year.

  • Implement a cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection and testing methods;
  • Rank assets with a configurable and powerful qualitative risk assessment system;
  • Predict the risk for selected assets through quantitative analysis based on industry standards;
  • Combine quick wins in uptime with long-term gains in overall plant reliability;
  • Break the information silos and connect people and departments through data sharing;
  • Comply with safety legislation and prove you have taken every appropriate action;
  • Develop optimized inspection and maintenance schedules for each asset;
  • Leverage existing EAM investments by getting the most out of your asset data.
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