Maintenance Models

Superior data management

This strEAM+ module provides templates with quality industry data for either the rapid deployment of green field projects starting from scratch (like a new factory or infrastructure), or data cleansing for the redevelopment of brown field projects (for an existing factory, infrastructure, etc.). In other words, these Maintenance Models give you the opportunity to perform superior data management. They allow you to make the right decisions at the right time while in the meantime achieving your business objectives.

The outcome of any analysis, no matter in which industry you operate, is as useful as the quality of the underlying data and the insights they deliver. Many organizations struggle with keeping the integrity and quality of data on a high level. strEAM+ maintenance models contain data templates to speed up the deployment time of risk analysis and ensure a high level of data integrity. The data has been gathered from 20 years of executing risk analysis in many industries across the globe, allowing you to benefit from a wide range of knowledge and global best practices.

  • Always provide the right knowledge to the right people at the right time;
  • Keep improving data management for your specific assets;
  • Benefit from global knowledge and best practices;
  • Extend and enrich your asset management with industry-specific data;
  • Store risk assessments in library templates and assign them to similar assets;
  • Benchmark the quality of your data against industry standards;
  • Secure knowledge retention to deal with the consequences of an ageing workforce;
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