Compliance Manager

Safety management and regulatory compliance

Manage the timely execution of safety critical work orders with the strEAM+ Compliance Manager module. Demonstrate full compliance with all applicable safety standards and regulations within your industry.

After an asset management strategy is defined, the execution is just as important. Many organizations struggle with managing and prioritising the flow of work orders based on their criticality for safety and production. The Compliance Manager module categorises your assets and visualises how they relate to all applicable legislation and regulations. Work orders connected to these assets are made part of the compliance process and will we monitored through time. If latest allowed finished dates are not met, a deviation process will be triggered and authorised people are automatically notified.

  • Visualise critical regulated assets in the daily work order planning
  • Stay informed at all times about the status of compliance-related work orders
  • Use the integrated deviation process to ensure completion of work orders
  • Implement a comprehensive process for the initiation, validation and approval of changes in the work on critical assets
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