The right work at the right time

Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI) uses IBM’s Watson IoT technology in capital-intensive asset management. This powerful add-on to IBM Maximo provides asset health monitoring and reporting. Combining IBM Maximo, MAHI and strEAM+ provides certainty on getting the right work done at the right time. Maximo, strEAM+ and MAHI together deliver unprecedented clarity on the best maintenance choices and their justification. Many organizations struggle to connect the last dots in the alignment between business objectives and maintenance strategies. MAHI leverages work center technology on the proven IBM Maximo platform.


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Maximo Asset Health Insights

  • Assess health
  • Sensor & Inspection data
  • Maintenance history
  • Remaining life, cost information, weather, etc.


  • Risk Analysis, Asset Criticality
  • Bad actor analysis
  • Mitigation plans
  • Compliance reporting
  • Best practices and Asset Models


  • Plan work
  • Assign unplanned work
  • Monitor, close and report
  • System of record for asset details

The strEAM+ and MAHI APM Solution creates clear value by:

  • Delivering real-time insight into real-life asset health
  • Linking advanced data management to business results
  • Bringing together all data sources and maintenance expertise
  • Ensuring the right work gets done at the right time
  • Enabling the shift from predictive to prescriptive maintenance
  • Leveraging work center technology on a proven platform
  • Increasing confidence in failure predictions and timely investments
  • Saving capital expenditures by eliminating unnecessary work
  • Delivering a verifiably positive impact on critical asset availability

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strEAM+ and Maximo Asset Health Insights deliver intelligence and insight

Some issues can persist even in mature maintenance organizations. Work backlogs may be hard to reduce. Much of the maintenance work is still reactive rather than predictive, let alone prescriptive. Which assets are most critical? Are we focusing on the right things? How can we learn to predict performance with confidence? Other questions relate to how data is used. How can we best utilize all available information from Maximo, sensors and controls, inspections, reliability applications, RCA, compliance tracking systems, and other sources? How do we leverage all data to ensure the most cohesive approach with maximum results? Even the most important questions often remain difficult to answer. Are we really spending our maintenance budget wisely? Are we taking the right maintenance steps today to help reach long-term business goals? What is the real ROI of our investment decisions on maintenance and replacements? There is now a solution that connects all the dots and leverages data to create the insights you could never imagine.