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In today’s business environment and market conditions, the Oil and Gas industry is facing multiple challenges. Safety remains paramount in all exploration and production activities, but improving asset reliability is just as crucial to create a competitive advantage. To stay ahead of the game.

Mark Mulder, VP Oil & Gas

Whether it’s the up-, mid-, or downstream market, we understand your business. And we know the challenges you face. Our smart software solutions are specifically designed to tackle these challenges and realize your business drivers. Fast and efficiently. strEAM+ gives you real-time insights no other solution can.

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Innovative trends and technologies

At strEAM+, we recognize the challenges you face. We know that increasing uptime while complying with all safety standards and regulations is key, but you want to keep your operational costs low. Rigs, platforms, pipelines, terminals and refineries are costly to build, operate and maintain. Keeping tight control over the total life-cycle cost of all this equipment is a major concern. Skilled human resources are growing scarce as up to 50 percent of the industry specialists will retire in the next decade. Government regulations are being tightened up everywhere. However, these challenges come at the same time as some very interesting opportunities for the industry. New, innovative trends and technologies emerge. Smart solutions for capturing and sharing knowledge, intuitive workflows, predictive modeling and integration of core processes, systems and data are here to stay.


Ultimate tool for achieving your business objectives

strEAM+ offers operators in the Oil and Gas industry a revolutionary way to create, manage and optimize their maintenance strategies. Directly embedded into your EAM system, strEAM+ ensures easy adoption, operational focus on reliability and data integrity. By using industry-specific data, strEAM+ offers you the capability to meet the greatest challenges the Oil and Gas industry faces today. With our smart software modules, you can create, manage and optimize the most effective maintenance strategy in record time. Our software helps to structure your maintenance department by gaining efficiency and storing your asset management data in a way that enables the use and re-use of vital information. This systematic approach leads to the effective development, sharing and deepening of knowledge within the organization. The adoption of risk-based maintenance with strEAM+ quickly delivers on all counts: increased uptime and reliability, lower costs as a result of sound maintenance planning, and growing insight into the state of your critical assets. strEAM+: the ultimate solution for aligning your maintenance strategy with your overall business objectives.

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