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How to gain real control over reliability, compliance, and cost

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Our Partnership with Lloyd's offers our clients the first embedded RBI solution in IBM Maximo

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A smart software solution for asset-intensive industries

As a maintenance organisation in an asset-intensive industry, you are constantly challenged to deliver the best performance. Our software solution strEAM+ supports the processes that lead to optimum maintenance strategies. It can be directly integrated into your Enterprise Asset Management application, which brings an abundance of advantages and enables strategic enterprise Reliability Centred Maintenance at a low cost, with minimum impact to your existing business processes. With strEAM+, reliability data becomes easier to manage, as it is less time consuming than stand-alone Asset Performance Management solutions. What’s more, once you have integrated strEAM+ into your organisation, your investment can be earned back within 12 months.


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MaxGrip’s strEAM+ has been developed with

  1. a common design and look-and-feel as the EAM software,
  2. providing a one-click/one tab integration of all relevant information on screen for the supervisor and management.
  3. Gaining more quick visibility of all relevant asset information to progress real-time decision-making.

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strEAM+ is the revolutionary solution for designing, managing and optimizing maintenance strategies. It’s a modular solution, including six modules that vary from RCA, RCM and RBI models to Maintenance and Compliance Management.



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strEAM+; seamlessly integrated within IBM Maximo

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Case Study

How to gain real control over reliability, compliance, and cost